HEAVY DISK HARROW LDV-6 (disk cutter)



       Heavy disk harrow LDV-6 designed for fluffing of untreated compacted soils of different texture, crushing of after harvesting residues of long-stalked crops, cropping weeds and other vegetation on rough fields after harvesting of major crops.

The harrow operates at soil humidity of 25-40%

       Characteristics: each disc is located on an individual axis and declined from the vertical plane. Absence of disk units with single axis in the design allows you to work in wet weather, on land with a large number of plant residues, as well as on land with any number of weeds, thereat the winding on the disk axle is excluded as well as the tight plugging in the rows of disks. The use of cleaning units in not needed as the disk cleans itself during operation. The frame is made of seamless square tube.


Unitizes with tractors

class 5



Width, m


Output, ha/hour

from 4.5 to 6.8

Tillage depth, cm

8 – 15

Operating speed, km/h

9 – 12

Overall dimensions in operating/transportation state, mm

- width


- length


- height


Weight, kg