OJSC "Umanfermmash" is one of the leading companies in Ukraine producing agricultural machinery and spare parts to it.
40 years of experience in the agricultural engineering and mastering the whole range of new products (more than 60 types of machines) for all sectors of agriculture, high reliability, and quality of the produced equipment has made our enterprise a reliable partner in the market.
      Our broad sales abilities can be described by clear and stable system of marketing operations and a network of dealers and service centers in the territory of Ukraine and abroad. 
Corporate cooperation with OJSC "Ilich Mariupol integrated iron-and-steel works" forms effective, stable, and qualitative work of the enterprise. invite you for the cooperation with OJSC "Umanfermmash".
We are ready to provide you with quality equipment and to perform special orders, corresponding to the profile of our enterprise.
      Please visit town of Uman in the center of Ukraine and you will be able to visit the pearl of park art in Europe - arboretum "Sofiyevka".